The nuptial cuisine of diverse cultures, and the chaos that
proceeds its being served.

I Do… Let�s Eat! is a documentary series that
showcases the nuptial cuisine of diverse cultures. It is first and
foremost about food in all its splendor and colour; but it is also
about the emotion, anxiety and excitement of the wedding day. Each
episode features one couple�s wedding and banquet, the chef that
prepares it, and the demands and pressures which they all face
leading up to and including the main event.

Each episode contrasts the solemnity of the wedding with the
chaos at the banquet hall, the quiet of the church with the din of
the kitchen. Three hundred people will arrive in two hours and
everything depends on dinner.

The chef knows this is a referral business based on the events
of one emotional rollercoaster of a day. For the bride and groom,
this is the day they start their lives together, and of course,
they want it to be perfect! Will it be? Stay tuned!