I know more of us are conscious of eating
better. We’ve had great response to our Eating Well

One way I try to eat well is by avoiding big
chain restaurants as much as possible. But sometimes, often on road
trips, you’re not left with much of a choice. When I find myself in
such a situation, I try to make the best choice possible like
opting for a fruit smoothie over the chocolate glazed donut. But it
looks like I should have had that donut after all.

According to
this Men’s Health magazine article
, a fruit yogurt
smoothie from Dunkin’ Donut contains more than four times the sugar
in their chocolate-frosted cake donut. A Baskin
Robbins all-fruit smoothie, which sound healthy enough, is mostly
soda, water, sugar, and corn syrup.

It goes to show you that just because
something sounds healthy that may not be the case. If you need more
convincing read Jessica’s post on the
high fat content of breakfast-to-go sandwiches
on our Bazaar