You would not believe the hard time I had corralling the Food
Team to have a little taste of fish balls! 

So it’s not to everyone’s taste, but wow, it’s not THAT unusual
either…Is it? Well it can’t be, because some of the largest food
producers such as Strub’s make Gefilte Fish, and sell it
jarred, ready to serve. Obviously there must be enough people that
not only know it and like, but like it so much, that if they don’t
have the patience to mull up some Carp (that’s Carp as in white
fish, not as in a misspell of you-know-what), they will resort to
getting it jarred off their grocery shelves. 

Brief Background
Gefilte Fish is a traditional Eastern European Jewish dish, usually
served on High Holidays (i.e. Passover, Rosh Hashanah), most
commonly for Passover. It involves the deboning and the mulling-up
of mostly carp, other white fish, egg and some matzos meal/bread
crumbs. The mixture is shaped into football-shaped patties and
poached in fish broth with carrots and onions. Traditionally it’s
served chilled along with the boiled carrots, accompanied by red or
white horseradish. Gefilte Fish can be made sweet, savoury, or
peppery, and despite its loose association with Passover, can and
has been made for Chanukah, or for no reason at all!

So, we – actually, I – decided that to save your curiosity, we
would do a tasting lab to determine which of the jarred variety –
available in many supermarkets and specialty grocery stores across
Canada – we think is best.

We judged its sweet, salty, peppery, fishy and texture qualities,
based on a 1-5 scale (1 being the least and 5 the most).


Strub’s, $6.99, 680g Jar

Sweetness: 4
Saltiness: 2
Pepper: 2
Fishy: 3
Texture: fairly soft

Likes: Nice balance between the salt and the sugar, pleasantly mild
in flavour
Dislikes: Too sweet and still too fishy for some







Manischewitz, $4.59, 411g Jar

Sweetness: 1
Saltiness: 4
Pepper: 4
Fishiness: 4
Texture: softer and more gelatinous

Likes: Tastes the most like real fish.
Dislikes: That’s why! Way too fishy.







Mrs. Adler’s, $7.49, 680g Jar

Sweetness: 2
Saltiness: 2
Pepper: 3
Fishiness: 3
Texture: Very soft, almost spreadable

Likes: Mild all around.
Dislikes: Mushy and oily texture.






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