Most kids adore cheese making it a great way to liven up an everyday boxed-lunch sandwich. Use these ideas for inspiration then mix and match to suit your child’s preferences.

Brown bread, brown bread, what do you see?

You’d be amazed how different a sandwich can taste when you change up the bread. In addition to your regular loaf of whole wheat, keep a wide variety of buns on hand—think ciabatta, cheese croissants, and focaccia. You can use the same trick when it comes to cheese. Instead of a standard ham and cheese on white sliced bread, why not try Canadian Monterey Jack on a multi-grain baguette for a delicious twist on a traditional favourite?

Chicken for dinner makes for a hearty lunch.

When you’re prepping for the evening meal think about how you can parlay it into a delicious and nutritious lunch for the kids the next day.  Leftover weeknight chicken is a great base different vegetables and Canadian cheeses. Try this combo: the rich smoothness of Canadian Havarti with the sweet tang of apple—the kids will eat it right up!

Busy? Keep it simple.

Planning is half the battle when it comes to making nutritious lunches for kids, so plan to keep it simple! Boil eggs a night or two before (this will make peeling easier) so all you need to do is mash and combine with ingredients for a quick egg and Canadian Mozzarella bagel sandwich.

School lunches that pack a nutritional punch.

Lunch is an important meal for school-age children so it’s important to pack something you know your kids will eat and that’s good for them. Instead of using lettuce in sandwiches such as this tuna and Canadian Provolone pita, keep baby spinach on hand. It’s mild-tasting so most kids won’t object yet it’s very nutritious.

Spice it up with chili and cheddar.

Think outside the box when it comes to spicing up your kids’ lunches. Instead of just using mayonnaise, heat it up just a bit with a touch of chili sauce. Combined with the tart flavour of the Canadian Cheddar,  this roast beef sandwich will go to the top of the class.