Don’t let the thought of hot stoves, sharp knives or complicated ingredients stop you from cook-ing with your kids. Cooking is an excellent way to engage with your children, have fun, and teach responsibility.

Here are a few tips to make cooking with kids fun and easy:

1. Pick an easy meal. Rice dishes like stir fries are a great opportunity to add a ton of vegetables that the kids can wash, peel and even chop. Studies show that when you begin with rice you end up with a meal that’s better for you.

2. Do all the cutting and chopping ahead of time. This keeps the cooking focused on assembling ingredients and is especially helpful with younger ones.

3. Use the cooking process as a way to teach your kids little lessons on nutrition by explaining the benefits of each ingredient as it goes in. Ask them to share what they learned over dinner. This simple act is a great way to help them build healthy nutritional knowledge and habits.