The Jewish holiday, Purim, marks a celebration of the uprising against the villainous ruler, Haman, in Biblical times. It starts on the evening of March 4th and continues into the evening of March 5th, with children and grown-ups alike getting dressed up in costumes to indulge in parades, festivities and of course, food.

This holiday encourages “mishloach manot”, which literally means “the sending of portions” of food to friends and family. A classic Purim treat given to loved ones is hamantaschen , which is said to commemorate Haman by mimicking the shape of his pointy hat.


These triangular-shaped cookies are traditionally made with a poppy seed and prune or apricot filling. But new flavours, such as red velvet and pecan pie are equally as appealing. You can even find savoury hamantaschen combinations such as herbed lamb and smoked salmon, as well!

Check out these creative and delicious recipes:

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