When it comes to celebrating Victoria Day or Canada Day, watching a gorgeous firework display is simply a must. Pack along some treats and get festive after dark with a nighttime picnic while you enjoy the show.  A successful picnic, whether during the day or at night, is always simple yet fun. Show your Canadian pride by adding decorative touches and serving red and white foods to commemorate the holiday and make the picnic inviting and memorable.


Bring along summer salads and sandwiches that are easy to pack and enjoy outdoors. For a touch of Canadian spirit, use lots of red ingredients to make your dishes pop.


Bloody Caesar Tomato Salad

Your guests will immediately be drawn to this bright red salad. The elegant mix of tomato, cucumber and onion gets kicked up a notch with horseradish, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Bring on the heat!

Avocado BLT Sandwich

You can’t get much more classic than a BLT, but for your next picnic, add an extra ingredient to the ever-so-popular sandwich: avocado. Your guests will love the creamy texture and it’s full of healthy fats so it will keep you and your guests feeling full for longer.

Pasta Salad with Canadian Swiss

No picnic is complete without pasta salad. Give your traditional recipe a makeover by adding Canadian Swiss cheese. Apple chunks, dried apricots and dates will provide an unexpected but delicious sweetness.


Is there anything more refreshing than fresh fruits and veggie platters in the summer? Pack yummy and nutritious snacks to nibble on like strawberries, raspberries, and watermelon. For veggies, try red bell peppers and cherry tomatoes.


Fruit Salad with Mint

Skip the Tupperware and create a gorgeous bowl by scooping out half a watermelon and mixing your ingredients in it. Toss your favorite fruits together (including the scooped out watermelon, of course!) and serve cold for a treat that your guests will love.

Sweet Onion Dip with Veggies

Nothing says outdoor picnic like veggies and dip. Make your own sweet onion dip and pack your favorite cut-up vegetables, making sure to include lots of red veggies to add a touch of Canada Day flair.


Cap off your meal with something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Check out these summer dessert ideas like chocolate-dipped strawberries or maple bacon cupcakes that are delicious and portable.



Don’t forget to pack these staple items so that your nighttime picnic is a success:

·       A wicker basket.

·       A convenient picnic blanket. Use a plastic table cloth to lay on the ground instead of fabric. Plastic is easy to wipe clean and if the ground is a bit damp, you’ll still stay dry.

·       A small fleece throw. If the fireworks are late at night it may get a little chilly.

·       Cutlery and napkins. Red and white napkins will add a cute, festive touch.