Happy National Hot Dog Day everyone!


Whether at the ball park or enjoyed with family and friends on the patio, hot dogs have been a North-American staple for decades. Invented in Frankfurt, Germany, originally as a fork-and-knife dish, the sausage soon found its home in a bun throughout 1930s America and the classic hot dog was born.

Usually dressed with ketchup and mustard (the bright yellow kind), Toronto-based hot dog connoisseur Fancy Franks offers a more elevated hot dog experience. They use preservative-free meats from local butchers, buns from local bakeries, and fresh toppings from nearby Kensington market in Toronto to create unexpected sausage and topping combinations.

To celebrate National Hot Dog Day, head for the grill and try experimenting with summer’s favourite food with these great flavour combos.

Frank of Denmark (left) combines bread and butter pickles, and pairs them with fresh smoked Farmer’s sausage, raw onions, fried dried onions and yellow mustard.

The Fancy Britt (right) is inspired by the UK’s classic home-cooked favourite, Sheppard’s Pie, this smoked turkey sausage comes topped with mashed potatoes, smashed peas, shredded cheddar cheese and beef gravy.


The Chi-Town Fancy (left), an all-American, Chicago-style hot dog, is topped with spicy pork Andouille sausage, sweet green relish, sliced tomatoes, dill pickles, raw onions, pepperoncini, yellow mustard and celery salt.

Here’s a recent experiment using Barilla pasta to create a Food Network exclusive, the Frankie Wanna Meatball? (right). Inspired by a family meatball recipe, this all-beef hot dog blends the best of both worlds—delicious street food and home-cooked comfort food—topped with four mini beef meatballs, fresh tomato sauce, sliced Parmesan cheese, fresh parsley and Barilla Spaghetti.


Photos by: pomoBoho Media

Ditch the conventional and start experimenting with your favourite dishes to create something new and exciting. Bring out those unexpected toppings and invite your guests to get creative…there’s no limit to what the hot dog can be!

And don’t forget to visit Fancy Franks today from 12-7 pm for a free hot dog! Details here.