It’s that time again! Since 1924, the Winter Games have provided the stage for athletes all over the world to test their abilities in the snow and on the ice. However, sometimes the Games aren’t about competing in the events themselves, but combating that cold weather… something we Canadians know all about.

There are a lot of soups out there that claim to be the gold medal winner in today’s event: Warmth. We here at The Burnt Tongue have put a lot of soups to the test this winter and just like the Olympians, our soups come from all over the world!

Our top 3 choices may come as a surprise to some, but hey, that’s what makes it interesting!

Bronze: Jamaica
Soup: Jamaican Sweet Potato
With flavours that originate in the islands, this soup most definitely has the ingredients to help you battle the Canadian cold. The sweetness of the potato is balanced well with the heat of the scotch bonnet; that tasty combination is what makes this soup our Bronze medal winner!

Silver: Russia
Soup: Russian Red Kale
Like us Canadians, the Russians know the cold weather intimately. This soup is so hearty, healthy and comforting with its main ingredients being Kolbassa and Kale. The Burnt Tongue guarantees that this broth based soup will warm you to your bones, making it our Silver medal winner.

Gold: Britain
Soup: Mulligawtawny
Our Gold medal winner is the classic gold-coloured Anglo-Indian soup, Mulligawtawny. This soup directly translates into ‘pepper water’ and was created for the British Raj, but gained its notoriety on Seinfeld. Mulligawtawny is one of those soups which has endless variations. The Burnt Tongue’s version is full of garlic, ginger, chilli, cilantro and a pinch of saffron and will help anyone get comfortable in that cold weather.