salmon cooking club

Last month, we challenged our readers to a salmon-themed Cooking Club Challenge. We wanted to see all the ways you cook salmon, and we were so impressed and inspired by the creative submissions we’ve received! If you’re itching to recreate some of the below recipes, check out our Maple Soy Salmon, Gravalax, and Prosciutto-Wrapped Salmon.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Check out all these different ways to feast on salmon!


1. @homchef_ca – Sauteed salmon with roasted Mediterranean vegetables and Caesar salad

2. Bite Fresh Food Inc. – Wild salmon tacos

3. Helena A – Grilled salmon

4. Angie S. – Salmon fish head soup

5. @ccculinista – Parmesan-crusted salmon

6. @MarisaRaponi – Salmon Agro Dolce with Mediterranean veggies

7. @YYZcooks – Salmon with spinach, mandarins and almond slices

8. @lostinkits – Wild sockeye salmon with maple soy glaze

9. @SherYarde – Grilled salmon with mango slaw on a bed of kale

10. Maude H – Homemade salmon gravalax on cucumber slice and lime zest cream cheese

11. Kenneth P – Crispy skin salmon on pumpkin apple fennel quinoa

12. Jeff – Salmon with lemon and fennel en papillote

13. Marisa R – Salmon and salad

14. Sandra – Pan-fried salmon with mashed potatoes and broccoli

15. @sandyig208 – Prosciutto-wrapped salmon in savoury waffles