It’s a reality of our modern digital world that we’re distracted and, all too often, distant. Dinner time is often spent absorbed by the constant hum of our various gadgets, and over time it can take its toll on the family.

One way to help break the cycle is to get the whole family involved in preparing and cooking dinner together. Cooking a meal inevitably leads to sharing a meal, and studies show that eating together is good for both kids and families as a whole. It’s a set time carved out each day where everyone can catch up and unplug.

Cooking as a family gives even the youngest members an opportunity to contribute, even if it’s only to peel vegetables, measure out the rice, or merely set the table. Not only does it give kids a sense of satisfaction, but encourages bonding, helps teach fundamental life skills, and fosters positive lifestyle habits.

Simple recipes are the best way to start cooking with your children. A roast chicken with fresh vegetables and a side of rice is a well-rounded, nutritious crowd pleaser. Rice is a go-to staple that wholesome meals are built upon. Just add your favourite vegetable and protein and you’re on your way to a quick and easy meal that’s good for the whole family.