Good nutrition is critical for healthy, developing kids and a balanced diet is an essential part of the equation. While carbohydrates have been often been vilified, the truth is complex carbs such as rice and sweet potatoes fuel both the body and the mind and are essential for proper metabolic functioning. Nutrient-dense meals that include whole foods such as rice, vegetables and protein are needed to give kids the energy they require to grow, stay active and learn.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, speed and convenience are high on the home cook’s must-have list. Rice is quick and easy to prepare, but studies show that meals built around this nutritious grain tend to be healthier. Not only is it the perfect conduit for a rainbow of colourful vegetables and lean cuts of meat, but forms the base for countless meal options that are well-rounded and wholesome.

Get Kids Involved

Encouraging kids to get involved in meal preparation helps them develop healthy eating habits at an early age and is the kind of skill set that they will carry throughout their lives.

Chef’s Tip!

Cook more rice than you need; the leftovers can be easily reheated or even transformed for a nu-tritious, energy packed lunch that will help kids power through their afternoon and maintain con-centration at school.