Kids love to eat with their hands and, admittedly, grown-ups do as well. When it comes to eating foods on a stick, the options are endless. From sandwiches to fruit and brownies, stick foods allow kids to have fun while eating. They can even create their very own masterpiece. Put out a bowl of prepared ingredients and let everyone have fun building their meal.


Here is how we make sammys on a stick.

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Makes: 4


1 bun, bagel, bread, pita or croissant, cut into small chunks
½ cup leftover cooked meat, cubed or 2 pieces deli meat, cut into thin strips
½ cup hard cheese, cubed or small bocconcini balls
¼ cup pepper, seeded and cut into squares
¼ cup cherry tomatoes
¼ cup cucumber, cut into chunks
½ cup lettuce, torn into smaller pieces
Wooden skewers


1. Start adding your ingredients to your skewers in whatever order you like. Leave a little room at each end of the skewer to give you something to hold on to.


1. When prepping your ingredients, be sure to cube and cut everything similar in size.
2. If you like butter, cream cheese or pesto on your bun, spread a little on to the pieces before skewering.
3. If your wooden skewers are long, cut them smaller for little hands, and to fit into lunch boxes.

100x100_Wanda Baker Wanda Baker is a busy mom of 2 who blogs about food and adventures in Calgary and beyond.