We’re in the last stretch of summer, so it’s time to soak up all that sun and spend some of that carefree time at a beer hall or two.

The beer hall experience is actually appealing to many demographics — beer halls in Canada are typically family friendly during the day, quite sizeable (200+ seats) and offer a large selection of craft brews (perfect for beer nerds), among other things. But they’re also perfect for those of us who like our Friday night dinners to segue into a prolonged evening of sipping on pints and, perhaps, a little rowdiness.

Try one of these nine beer halls across Canada that offer a good mix of beer, food and fun.

Barley Brothers (Winnipeg, MB)

If there’s one thing Winnipeg needs to improve on (and I’m a huge Winnipeg fan, trust me), it’s more places that offer a good selection of Canadian microbrews. With two locations, Brothers fills a bit of that void with 70+ beers on tap. The atmosphere falls more in the sports game watching category, but most of us need a place to do that so hey, we might as well be drinking a pint of Canadian-made beer at the same time.

Stillwell Halifax
Bar Stillwell via Facebook

Bar Stillwell (Halifax, NS)

Stillwell’s downtown location doesn’t technically match the exact definition of a traditional beer hall, but they definitely put emphasis on having a great array of Canadian craft beer. The ocean-side beer garden right on the dock is German-influenced, with long plank tables, pretzels, beer (naturally) and lots of well-made sausages.

Craft Beer Market
Craft Beer Market

Craft Beer Market (Calgary, Edmonton, AB, Vancouver, BC, Ottawa, Toronto, ON)

You’ll have a hard time finding a beer hall in Canada as big and as well-stocked as these brew-focused establishments. The food ranges from sliders and flatbreads to a gigantic “50 napkin” burger and a whole lot more. With over 100 beers on tap, chances are you’ll find something here that’s exactly what you’ve been hoping for.

central bierhaus
Central Bierhaus

Central Bierhaus (Ottawa, ON)

Plenty of exposed brick, industrial lighting and communal tables help give Central its casual and alluring vibe that draws in crowds for after work drinks, celebrations and everything in-between. The menu offers a nice mix of German food like schnitzel, pretzels, bratwurst and even a sausage platter.

congress beer house
Congress Beer House via Facebook

Congress Beer House (Saskatoon, SK)

A lively spot on the weekends, Congress is a fun place to go on Friday or Saturday nights to enjoy a few pints of craft beer and some live music or DJs. During the week, it’s much calmer inside, so if you’re interested in sipping on microbrews a bit more seriously, that’s the ideal time to go.

Das Bier
Das Bier via Facebook

Das Bier (Montreal, QC)

Montreal is a city that’s all about indulging, especially when it comes to food. But finding a place where you can get your fill of pints and sausages is surprisingly uncommon. Luckily, the recently opened Das Bier has got you covered with plenty of pretzels, juicy sausages and more than enough beer to keep your thirst quenched.

national beer hall calgary
National Beer Hall via Flickr

National Beer Halls (Calgary, AB)

This local chain of beer halls has four locations, and is known for its impressive and always rotating selection of craft beer, with fantastic happy hour specials between 3 and 6 pm. Finding a true pint at a mere $5 is like finding in a needle in a haystack. So, for me, National’s window of value is like a little piece of heaven.

Wurst via Facebook

Wurst (Calgary, AB)

When Wurst opened its doors just over 4 years ago, it aimed for a split concept, offering a more contemporary German-inspired dining experience on the main floor and a rowdy beer hall on the lower level, which includes a polka band on peak nights. Fun rarely stays underground, so it wasn’t long until the beer hall vibe crept upstairs, making for two levels of enjoyment. Rowdy nights aside, it’s also a great place to go for brunch on the weekends and 100% family friendly.

Since it’s really hard to ignore a good pun, I assure you that you’ll have anything, but the “wurst” time at this beer hall.

wvrst toronto
WVRST via Instagram

WVRST (Toronto, ON)

Leave it to Toronto to take the German beer hall concept and twist it ever so slightly to scenester-chic levels. The bright red accent wall and strings of lights hanging from the ceiling make the long plank tables feel nice and inviting. In terms of food, WVRST’s pride and joy is sausage and when it comes to dinner, forget the schnitzel and spaetzle because they’ve got 22 different house-made sausages to choose from (there are three vegetarian/vegan options as well). Finish off with some soft serve ice cream because after a few pints, you won’t feel the need to ask yourself why a German-style beer hall serves ice cream.