A person’s taste in music can be just as diverse as their palate, so it’s always nice when you can find a place that melds food and tunes into one. The perfect harmony, if you will.

Here are 12 restaurants across the country where you can catch plenty of live acts, while enjoying a delicious meal, too.

500 Cucina (Calgary, AB)

A popular Italian joint in the Inglewood neighbourhood, 500 Cucina also offers its fair share of live music each Saturday night. Order some wine, calamari and some well-made Neapolitan pizza before the guitars start strumming, and your night’s destined for greatness.

888_500-cucina500 Cucina

Amigos (Saskatoon, SK)

Arguably the place to go to watch up-and-coming Canadian talent in Saskatchewan, the Amigos stage has hosted many famous musical acts over the years, like Tegan and Sara and Metric. Their casual tex-mex menu can keep you well fed morning, day and night, and if you’re popping by with a few friends, go for their signature nacho supremo. Loaded with pulled chicken, pickled jalapeños, beans and a house-made jalapeño cream sauce, it’s probably the best plate of nachos you’ll ever enjoy in this country.

Broken City (Calgary, AB)

Perhaps one of Canada’s best examples of a dive bar, Broken City has had its fair share of wear and tear, but that just adds to its charm. On any given night, you could walk in to find a metal band, punk band or even karaoke, but no matter what music is echoing throughout the space, there’s always room for a bite. Here you’ll find simple pub fare done well, with an emphasis on vegan options, which is surprising but welcomed. The cauliflower “wings” are delicious and you’ll struggle to find a better plate of chicken fingers in Calgary.

888_broken-cityBroken City

Bushwakkers (Regina, SK)

Saskatchewan’s original brewpub, Bushwakkers makes a nice line-up of microbrews and also serves up plenty of live music as well. Sip on the signature Regina pale ale (when in Rome, right?) and bite into some comfort food like mushroom-bacon cheese toast, all the while jazz musicians (Mondays) or folk singers (Wednesdays) make you feel right at home.

Capitol Music Club (Saskatoon, SK)

Backed by former Sheepdogs guitarist, Leot Hanson, this downtown music venue plays host to live acts on a nightly basis. Tables and benches were salvaged from a now defunct, but fondly remembered, Saskatoon music venue called Lydia’s, so this place is music through-and-through. Once you’ve found a seat, order a beer, one of their popular house-ground burgers and get ready to have some fun.

Federico’s Supper Club (Vancouver, BC)

Serving classic Italian fare, Federico’s is a reliable and fun place to go if you’re looking for a simple carbonara, caprese salad and the liking. Not only will you get music served alongside dinner, five nights a week, there’s a dance floor, too. So, knock back a couple cocktails and let your meal play second fiddle to your dance moves.

888_federico-supper-clubFederico’s Supper Club

The Handsome Daughter (Winnipeg, MB)

There aren’t too many places where you can order a French 75 cocktail before being serenaded by a psychedelic rock band, some local rappers or maybe even a DJ — such is the magic of this hipster-chic spot in Winnipeg. Perhaps not the perfect pairing for a classic cocktail, but after a few drinks the build-your-own hotdog or mac ‘n cheese topped with a fried egg and onions start sounding pretty tasty.

Harlem Underground (Toronto, ON)

A Caribbean-inspired menu with dishes like jerk-spiced meatloaf and candied plantains add a little spice to your table, but also pair well with the eclectic mix of reggae, soul and dirty jazz musicians that grace the stage here.

The Lower Deck (Halifax, NS)

Fried pepperoni, seafood chowder and donair eggrolls are just a few of the guilty pleasure dishes you’ll see on the menu here. The fried pepperoni and donair-centric food are Halifax staples, so it seems only right to eat them while you’re listening to some lively East Coast musicians.

888_lower-deckThe Lower Deck

Lula Lounge (Toronto, ON)

One of Toronto’s most famous live music spots, Lula has seen a ton of internationally famous musicians perform here, like Norah Jones, Ron Sexsmith and Feist, to name a few. Performers of that level of fame aren’t so common, but that doesn’t mean the standard of live performances isn’t a high one. An approachable food menu and reasonably priced bottle service make this place an ideal spot to sit back, eat, drink and be serenaded.

888_lulal-loungeLula Lounge

The Princeton Pub (Vancouver, BC)

Casual pub food, cold pints of beer and fun times are the name of the game at this more than a century old pub in Vancouver. Princeton serves a daily breakfast (because I think we can all agree that hangovers don’t just happen on the weekend), lunch, dinner and plenty of snacks to help curb your hunger while you’re waiting for the band to start.

Upstairs Jazz Bar and Grill (Montreal, QC)

With one of the most well-established and well-known jazz festivals in North America, it’s no surprise that Montreal has its fair share of places to enjoy some trendy jazz. The upstairs’ menu offers a little bit of everything, from tapas-inspired appetizers to big plates of steak, pappardelle with roast chicken and much more. Here you can expect great musical acts, both local and passing through, every night of the week.