Tucked among Gastown’s trademark brick buildings, Blacktail Florist sheds some light on some of British Columbia’s most overlooked and humble ingredients. Outdoor meets indoor in the welcoming, woodland-inspired interior, where guests are encouraged to unwind over an adventurous and satisfying meal in a warm and delicate setting.

At the restaurant, we champion Canadian cuisine by gathering the finest ingredients from local fields, forests and farms that B.C. has to offer. Our chefs strive to educate, delight and surprise guests with explorations of forgotten favourites, hidden gems, micro-seasonal products and wild and foraged goods. Robust, flavourful plates based on pop culture and cross-cultural influences, give nod to Canadian-heritage dishes from coast to coast. We work closely with local suppliers and farmers to ensure only the freshest and finest ingredients are plated for our guests. Our trusted suppliers include: Hannah Brook Farms, Two Rivers Meats, Klippers Organic Acres, Lowland Herb Farm, Trout Lake Farmers Market, and Barnston Island Herbs.

Here are a few recipes to try at home. We hope you enjoy!


Grilled Asparagus With Smoked Cream, Mustard Seeds, Foraged Mushrooms and Greens


Duck Breast, Sunchokes, Rhubarb, Watercress and Onions


Elderflower Granita, Rhubarb, Crushed Berries, Wild Rice and Charred Sour Cream


The Fawn Cocktail