If you have ever had a Czech beer, you
know that it’s as good as beer gets. So you can imagine my excitement when we
checked into our hotel in Chodova Plana, a tiny town two hours by car from
Prague, and discovered a mini bar full of 16-ounce beers—all for $1.10 each. I
thought that life couldn’t get any better. That was until I took a beer bath.
I’m not really a spa-going kinda guy, but if one is going to fork out for a
soak, I’ll take beer over epsom salts any time. Soaking in a four-legged tub
full of foamy bath-temperature beer—while drinking a chilled draft—is the male
equivalent of a free shopping spree at the Chanel outlet. At the end of the
day, I am not sure that my skin felt any softer, but it definitely had a good


During the segment I had a brief
discussion with the owner of the brewery. He was an unassuming, stoutly man in
his mid sixties who looked like he definitely enjoyed his own products. When I
asked him if he partook in the beer baths, he told me that he stopped going
because they were making him look too young! My natural instinct was to
challenge him to an arm wrestle. He gamely rose to the occasion and did himself
proud. Maybe there is something special in that beer after all!

After the shoot, on a night
off in Prague, we discovered a great fusion restaurant called Sansho. Paul Day,
the well-traveled British-born chef makes it his mission to apply his
international experiences (in particular, Asian influences) to Czech
ingredients. In a country known for its weighty dumplings and meaty goulash,
his small plates of brightly seasoned seafood, meats and vegetables are a
welcome surprise. We were lucky to get a last minute reservation.