Looking for a cool new place to grab a drink? Chill out (literally) at one of these 6 wintry ice bars across Canada. Just make sure you meet the dress code: toques and parkas, please!

Belvedere Ice Room

Courtesy of The Belvedere Ice Room.

The Canadian Brewhouse’s Belvedere Ice Room (Kelowna, BC)
Though you’ll find this pub chain in a lot of Western Canadian cities, it is only in Kelowna where you can suit up and sip on some vodka in a room made of ice. The whole tasting experience lasts about 10 minutes, so you’ll be in and out before you get too chilly.

Chill Ice House

Courtesy of Chill Ice House.

Chill Ice House (Toronto, ON) 
This large event space made up almost entirely of ice is not only a spectacle to be seen, complete with a rotating line-up of ornate ice carvings, but to be sat in as well. At night, it becomes a lively bar with loud music and bartenders serving up cool concoctions in glasses made of ice. Bring your coat!

The Great Ice Show’s Ice Bar

Photo courtesy of Cody Chomiak.

The Great Ice Show’s Ice Bar (Winnipeg, MB)
Operated by Mon Ami Louis, a seasonal restaurant on Winnipeg’s Esplanade bridge, you can expect not only hot boozy drinks like mulled wine but a nice selection of crêpes, soups, chili too at this pop-up ice bar that runs until the end of February.

Hotel de Glace (Quebec City, QC) 
Ice isn’t just for skating on, it’s for sleeping on too. If you can’t quite muster up the courage to spend a night in this ice hotel (yes, even the beds are made of ice), you can still get a taste of the experience by having a drink in the lounge.

Courtesy of Bearfoot Bistro.
Courtesy of Bearfoot Bistro.

Ketel One Ice Room at the Bearfoot Bistro (Whistler, BC) 
Similar to the ice room mentioned above at The Canadian Brewhouse in Kelowna, this spot at the famed Bearfoot Bistro in Whistler offers a chilly vodka tasting followed by a warm, refined dining experience once you shed your layers and sit down to eat.


Courtesy of Restaurant de Glace Pommery.

Restaurant de Glace Pommery (Montreal, QC) 
Head down to Old Montreal to discover Canada’s only igloo restaurant. Now, this isn’t a basic snow igloo you’ll find on someone’s front lawn in the dead of winter. At a whopping 12 metres in diameter and a peak height of 9 metres, Pommery can comfortably fit 60 patrons at one time. I’m so in!