In Mexican slang, Tres Carnales translates to “three sons of different mothers.” In Edmonton, Tres Carnales talks to the story of three close friends, Daniel (Dani) Braun, Chris Sills and Edgar Gutierrez, and their devotion to “tacos for the people.”

Located in Edmonton’s downtown core, Tres Carnales Taquería is all about traditional Mexican street food with an urban twist, and a focus on fresh ingredients. Just as it would be in small towns in Mexico, Chef Edgar Gutierrez works closely with local farmers and suppliers including Four Whistle Farm, Fin’s Seafood and el Mercado. From signature Pescado tacos (lightly battered and fried Pacific red snapper), to traditional Al Pastor (marinated pork) quesadillas—both served with salsas and sauces made fresh daily—there’s a reason why John Catucci claims, “You Gotta Eat Here!“.

Chef Edgar is a firm believer in bringing out bold flavours with ingredients in traditional ways. From taking the time to toast chilis to bring out the oils and deepen the flavours and roasting pineapples to caramelize the natural sugars for salsas, to saving avocado pits and serving them in the guacamole to prevent oxidization. These small details capture the essence of Tres Carnales Taquería that any foodie can duplicate at home.


Check out these authentic Mexican recipes courtesy of Tres Carnales!

“El Surfo” Sangria


Chef Edgar’s Guacamole


Tacos Al Pastor with Pineapple Habanero Salsa


Raspado de Horchata Con Fresas (Strawberry-Horchata Shaved Ice)