Where would we be without juicy, crispy, saucy chicken wings? The bar and sports snack staple has taken flight over the years as one of the most popular (not to mention expensive) parts of the bird, a fact that’s hard to believe considering people once tossed wings in the garbage rather than in delicious barbecue sauce.

How to Make Crispy Oven Chicken Wings

If you’re making them at home,  Alton Brown shares his step-by-step method to ensure crispy, perfect wings every single time. You won’t even need a deep fryer;  his fool proof recipe uses the oven. And you have to see Alton’s hacked steamer rack made from a few basic items from the hardware store!


So, remember these five simple steps for your crispiest, oven-baked wings:
1. Separate
2. Get Nice and Steamy
3. Chill Out
4. Roast Them Up
5. Toss with Sauce

Voila. Delicious, homemade wings just in time for your next wing night. Serve with some veggies sticks and a creamy dressing for some added flavour and flair.

Got your basic wings down? Great! Now check out some of these other recipes for a new twist on the classic hot sauce flavour.

Try These Great Chicken Wing Recipes

Alton Brown’s Orange Glazed Chicken Wings
Use Alton’s method for oven roasting the wings to crispy perfection then toss them in his Asian-inspired tangy, spicy and citrusy sauce.

Maple BBQ Chicken Wings
This spice mixture works on a variety of chicken cuts, but we love the way it pops when paired with this maple glaze on wings. To use it with Alton’s method, put the spice mixture on the wings before roasting them. Toss the wings with the glaze and roast in the oven for 5-10 minutes more.

General Tao Chicken Wings
Your favourite take-out dish becomes your favourite game day snack. After roasting the wings à la Alton, toss them with this spicy, sweet and sticky sauce.

Lime, Coconut and Chili Chicken Wings
This Asian-inspired spicy, salty, sweet sauce features everyone’s favourite hot sauce – Sriracha. Toss your crispy, roasted wings in the sauce after they come out of the oven.

Looking for more tasty wings? Try these Finger Lickin’ Chicken Wing Recipes.