Chicken Dinner Recipe

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to a summer picnic, of course!

It’s National Picnic Month, so follow that chicken’s lead and hit the road with a basket in tow. If you’re craving something other than hot dogs and burgers, start making portable versions of your favourite meals. A classic roast chicken dinner is perfect for the park if you swap out the whole bird for wings. Mix and match el pollo‘s 3 amigos (usually green beans, potatoes and corn) to build a bean or potato salad recipe for the perfect picnic side dish. Get cooking with some of our favourites and turn any chicken dinner into the star of your next wandering feast!

1. Crispy Chicken Wings with Hot Sauce  2. Oven-Baked Sesame Chicken Wings

3. General Tao Chicken Wings 4. Lime Jalapeno Chicken Wings

5. Roast Chicken Wings  6. Green Bean Salad with Nicoise Vinaigrette

7. Roasted Corn & Pepper Potato Salad  8. Zydeco Bean and Sweet Corn Salad

9. Chuck Hughes’ Warm Potato Salad 10. Green Bean and Potato Salad




Original image via Thinkstock