6 Classic Milk Recipes

If you think milk is something to cry over, we’re here to turn that milk-mustached frown upside-down!

Think back to your happiest childhood memories filled with chocolate birthday cakes and creamy ice pops. You can’t help but smile.

Channel those happy days with six classic recipes from your younger years to remind you why there ain’t nothin’ sad about baby’s first bevie.


Frothy, creamy and a special treat. Milkshakes are the markers of a diner meal or an easy way to sneak some fruit into your kids’ dessert, like with this Chocolate Banana Milkshake recipe.


ice cream

Skip the frozen treats aisle and opt to make your own. Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream is simple to make and impressive to serve.

hot chocolate

On a cold winter’s day, Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate can warm any blues away.

mac and cheese

Mac and cheese? Oh yes please! This dish never gets old, even when we do.


The proof is in the pudding… or at least it’s in this Glorious Mango Pudding!


If all else fails, the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie will always be there for your dunking needs.
(Original images courtesy of Thinkstock)