A nearly bare cupboard can still yield ingredients for a bowl of soul-warming, good-for-you soup. With only two simple ingredients and a dash of creativity, these five easy soups come together in less time than it takes to open and heat up a can.

Melon and Cucumber Gazpacho via Cannelle et Vanille

1. Melon and Cucumber Gazpacho
It’s hard to believe this creamy, cold soup is made up of just two things: ripe honeydew and cucumber. This gorgeously-smooth green soup doesn’t even need to be cooked — just whiz up the ingredients in a blender and pour straight into a bowl. Finish with a drizzle of olive oil and a few toasted pine nuts.

2. Lentils and Vegetable Stock
A can of lentils simmered in vegetable broth makes a hearty meal that will stick to your ribs using the simplest ingredients. Bring the lentils and broth to a gentle simmer, and then use an immersion blender to smooth things out. Season with a little salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon, and serve with toasted pita wedges.

3. Tomato Soup
To make the world’s easiest soup, reach for fresh, in-season tomatoes or canned San Marzano tomatoes, blended with a splash of milk. This simplified soup is great on its own, or can be easily jazzed up with some garlic and fresh basil, served alongside a gooey grilled cheese.

4. Mushroom Soup
This quickie soup can go two ways: for a thick, belly-warming soup, add cream to a pot of sauteed mushrooms and cook together until it reaches a simmer. Feel free to use vegetable or even chicken stock for a lighter version.

5. Egg Drop Soup
A Chinese restaurant favourite, it’s easy to satisfy your egg drop soup cravings with two simple pantry staples. To make this soup, simmer chicken stock until it reaches a slow bubble and then slowly pour in whisked eggs, while constantly stirring the stock. To make it even more authentic, thicken it up with a little cornstarch and sprinkle with white pepper.