Today is National Poultry Day, the day we celebrate our feathered friends. Whether you like your poultry staples (chicken, quail, turkey or duck) fried, glazed, or grilled, we have a recipe for you. Here’s some creative (and dare we say, crazy) ways on how to serve poultry.


The Craziest Clucking Chicken Recipes Ever 

Butter Chicken Lasagna

Parmesan Popcorn Chicken and Cutlets

Gingered Chicken Wings

Lemon Fried Chicken

Chicken Schnitzel


Quirky Ways to Eat Your Quail 

Bacon Wrapped Quail Stuffed with 3 Cream Cheeses

Herb Rolled Quail Eggs

Quail in a Rosehip Raspberry Sauce

Kentucky Fried Quail with Vietnamese Slaw

Quail Saltimbocca Rolls & Fig Vincotto Glaze


Techniques for Mouth-Watering Turkey

Turkey Cutlets with Squash, Swiss and Honey Sauce 

Turkey Meatloaf

Turkey Cutlets with Squash, Swiss & Honey Sauce

Turkey Escalope 

Turkey and Mango Sandwiches


Delightful Duck Recipes  

Barque Smokehouse Smoked Duck Pancakes 

Braised Duck in a Chocolate Wine Sauce

Duck Confit Pizza

Smoked Duck Salad  

Duck a l’Orange