Preparing a decadent four-course meal doesn’t have to mean slaving away in the kitchen for hours. This delicious Father’s Day menu is a cinch to make and will surely impress Dad and give him a happy belly (and heart!).

First Course: Garlic Country Bread with Whipped Ricotta Butter
Time: 20 minutes

We guarantee that the aromas alone from this homemade garlic bread will whet your appetite and set the mood for the celebratory feast.

Second Course: Butterflied Lobster Tails with Garlic Lemon Butter
Time: 20 minutes

A Father’s Day spread is not complete without a serving of succulent lobster tails to fancy up your dinner menu. Prep these ahead of time.

Third Course: Giada De Laurentiis’ Grilled Lamb Chops with Nancy Fuller’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Time: 10 minutes for lamb, and reheat make-ahead mash

This mouthwatering dish by Giada De Laurentiis is prepared with rosemary, garlic, thyme and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Simple and classic, pair these mouthwatering chops with make-ahead cheesy baked mashed potatoes. Got some extra time? Add some crunchy texture to your plate with fried zucchini.

Fourth Course: The Pioneer Woman’s Cookies and Cream Cups
Time: 5 minutes

Not everything has to be made from scratch when throwing a memorable meal. Take the stress out of baking a fancy cake and make Ree Drummond’s delightful cookies and cream cups instead. They will be the perfect finishing touch to a well-made meal.