Father’s Day is this Sunday, and what better way to honour and celebrate Dad than with his favourite food group — meat. Most of you are probably thinking steak, but we’ve got a better idea: a big, juicy burger.

We’ve found the most delicious and mouth-watering burger recipes for you to make for dad.

Check them out:

1. Mexican Burger with Spicy Mayo 
2. Indian Taco 
3. Best Grilled Burgers with Pesto 
4. Doug’s Burger 
5. The 9 Pound Burger 
6. Black Bean Veggie Burger 
7. New England Cheddar Burger with Shrimp Louie 
8. Turkey Burger with Feta 
9. Steak Burger with Summer Salsa and Swiss Cheese 
10. Hamburger and Caesar Salad 
11. The ‘Auto Strata’ Burger 
12. Parmesan Sage Pork Burgers 
13. A.C.E. Burger 
14. Tommy Gun Burger with Gravy 
15. Turkey Burger with Double-Smoked Bacon 
16. Paneer Mushroom Burger 
17. Bungalow Tuna Burger 
18. Lamb Burger 
19. Atlantic Lobster Burger 
20 Rebel House Buffalo Burger