1: The number of Barefoot Contessa stores that exist in the world. Although Ina Garten could have brought her gourmet taste to cities across North America (there was certainly a demand for it), she held on to a single Barefoot Contessa specialty food shop in the Hamptons before selling it to her long-time employees. Her charming exclusivity turned her into a cult hit among the well-heeled Hampton set before she launched her cookbook and TV career.


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2: The number of appearances Bobby Flay made on Entourage, as the nemesis of super agent Ari Gold. Flay is obviously no stranger to TV — he’s been a guest on countless talk shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, but it was his turn on Entourage that really cemented his place in pop culture.


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3: The number of cookbooks by Food Network Canada’s resident dude, Guy Fieri. Two of his cookbooks spent months at the top of the New York Times Bestsellers list.

4: Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver count four children apiece in each of their families. The coincidences don’t end there: both have 3 daughters and 1 son. Must be a British thing? (The Pioneer Woman Bree Drumond also has 4 kids, so maybe it’s a chef thing.)


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5: The number of reality shows Chopped Canada host Dean McDermott has starred in, mostly with his wife Tori Spelling. An unfortunate tabloid fixture, you can read Dean’s exclusive interview with Food Network Canada here.

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