Hova and Queen B are on the run this summer (no, not from Solange).




The On The Run tour has been selling out across North America, and it’s powerhouse show packed with the couple’s massive catalogue of hits. We imagine that running an empire (and chasing after Blue Ivy) requires a lot of energy. Here’re 5 ways these superstars refuel.

1. They’ve Gone Vegan: In December 2013, the couple took part in a 22-day vegan challenge for a “spiritual and physical cleanse” leading up to Jay Z’s 44th birthday. B showed off her plant-based diet on Instagram and they were frequently spotted out at the coolest spots in LA and New York, like Café Gratitude. In a cheeky twist, B went to lunch in a cow-print top. If you can’t eat it… wear it.

2. He’s Got 99 Problems But a Snack Ain’t One: In a Twitter question and answer chat, Jay Z revealed his favourite cereal is Cap’n Crunch, but he doesn’t indulge too often these days.

3. An Oscar Winner Cooks for Them: File this under “Unusual Celebrity Friendships” – Jay Z and Gwyneth have been tight for years, before there was Goop (and even before he married Beyonce). The actress-turned-lifestyle-guru thanked “The Carters” on the dedication page of her first cookbook. (They weren’t the only superstars included – Faith Hill and Tim McGraw apparently love her cooking as well.)

4. We’re Caught in they Beyhive: Yes, even the rich and famous can’t help instagramming their meals. Her Tumblr is a national obsession (The clothes! The yachts! Blue Ivy!), and she loves a good food shot as well. These iced cherries are perfection (just like the her).

5. Table for Two: Obviously incredibly disciplined about her diet and exercise regimen, B made the Master Cleanse a trend when she lost 20 pounds for her role in Dreamgirls (she admitted that living off of the cayenne pepper-maple syrup concoction made her cranky) and she took on a very lean, high-protein meal plan to drop her post-pregnancy weight. But Sundays are for splurging. In an interview with Oprah, Jay said they have a favourite Brooklyn pizza joint that let’s them bring their own wine. Even the Carters need date night.

MariaMaria Tallarico is a writer and editor with several years experience in the lifestyle realm, covering everything from luxury travel to pop culture for both print and digital publications including Forbes, LaineyGossip.com and VitaminDaily.com, as well as appearing regularly as an on-air entertainment contributor for CTV Morning Live. She lives in Vancouver with her husband, two boys and grumpy Scottish Terrier.