Instagramming brunch, pinning dream recipes and non-stop food-centric Tweets – stars, celebrities are really are just like us.

Here are some notable celebrity social media accounts worth checking out.

Jessica Seinfeld via Pinterest

From a comedian to a comedian’s wife – cookbook author Jessica Seinfeld is all about simple family meals cooked with whole, fresh ingredients, and her pinterest page is all about inspiring us in the kitchen.


Her savory board is heavy on Italian dishes (not coincidentally, she has said Italian is Jerry’s favourite food). Zucchini and eggplant casserole, garlic bread two ways and cod slow poached in olive oil… we’re waiting on that third cookbook.


Aziz Ansari via Instagram

Comedian Aziz Ansari is very excited about food. All the time. Sandwiches, pizza, tacos, tandoori – his Instagram is a veritable late-night smorgasbord of guilty pleasures. Photos of the best dishes in various cities chronicle his comedy tours and world travels: fried chicken in Memphis, sushi in Tokyo, pizza in Naples.


His special projects (only fresh-made pasta in 2014) and hilariously aggressive captions (Oh how many types of chicken are you frying tonight? Just ONE? WE DOING IT 3 WAYS!! GET OFF ME SAHN!!) elevate beyond the usual “look at me, brunch!” Instagram feeds. No joke.


Amy Dunne via Pinterest

So she’s not technically a celebrity, but the viral marketing campaign for the anticipated new film, Gone Girl starring Rosamund Pik and Ben Affleck, includes a pinterest page for the story’s missing protagonist, Amy Dunne. Explore the life of ‘Amazing Amy’ through her New York writer-meets-Missouri homemaker recipe range, like black Spanish olives, ambrosia salad, and caprese grilled chicken with balsamic reduction. There’s even a board filled with special things for Nick… maybe an anniversary present?


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