Culinary assistants, nutritionists on speed dial, grocery delivery—celebrities have no shortage of help in the kitchen. But between juice cleanses and SoulCycle classes, a few big names will actually eat some carbs that they cooked themselves—you better believe it!

John Legend had the love song of the summer with “All Of Me”, but he really impressed me with his deep-frying skills. He and his awesome wife, Sports Illustrated cover girl Chrissy Teigen, actually cook.


John’s fried chicken is Legend-ary—sorry, that was begging for a pun—and Chrissy’s social media feed is like flipping through a hilarious online cookbook, written by someone who is slightly tipsy (to be fair, she usually is slightly tipsy). Bonus: you can find many recipes on her blog, So Delushious. And I can confirm that the dishes she shares are indeed delicious; her chipotle chicken and scalloped potatoes have both made it into regular rotation in my kitchen.


Yes, she’s stunning in front of the camera, but we’ve become obsessed with a different kind of model shot; her killer Instagram food photos. In the last few weeks she’s had spicy sesame noodles with chicken, lamb with hot chili sauce, mango salsa and moussaka (a model that eats moussaka, apparently a thing that happens once a generation, like Halley’s Comet).

Sure, we may pretend to be tired of celebrity cookbooks but we promise that if these two found time to collaborate, we’d put it to good use. John and Chrissy in the Kitchen—sounds good to us.

All of the photos are from Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram feed and her blog, So Delushious.

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