While we’re always keeping our ears perked for gossip straight from the set (affairs, tantrums and diva behaviour seem to flourish in close confines), people working on next summer’s blockbusters are probably more interested in lunch rather than worrying about the temperamental star who’s locked himself in his trailer, pending a script rewrite.

Cast and crews rely on craft services to fuel them through long days (and even longer night shoots). While filming Friends, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox ate the same lunch every day for 10 years—an LA-ized (translation: healthy) Cobb Salad with turkey bacon and garbanzo beans.

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We’re well aware that no one’s brown-bagging it on set—but who gets to eat what and when, can make for a very happy (or sullen) environment.

At the first call time (whether it’s 4 a.m. or 12 p.m.), a food truck sets up with coffee, French toast, maybe an omelet station—or a continental breakfast for those tightly budgeted indie films. Lunch is a buffet and dinner typically involves catered meals. Craft services (unfortunately nicknamed, Crafty) provides a buffet of between-meal snacks (fruit, cookies, sandwiches) and an unofficial gathering place where people presumably gather to gossip about whether the married A-list lead is having an affair with their C-list co-star.

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To keep morale high, grips and background actors are loaded up with sneaky snacks (candy, chocolate bars, ice cream, cupcakes) as well as the odd taco truck or freshly-made pizza.

Just like the credits that roll at the end of a movie, there is a strictly adhered to hierarchy. Production assistants get first dibs (but actually eat last); they make to-go boxes for the director and stars if they don’t have time to serve themselves. From there it¹s an informal line of assistants, makeup artists and hair stylists, lighting technicians and unionized extras.

But sometimes all that tempting food can be a burden. While filming Dreamgirls, Beyoncé (who had lost weight for her role and was on a punishing diet) asked that the Krispy Kremes be removed from set. Not even the most powerful woman in pop can resist a glazed doughnut.

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