I am so excited to be back on Food Network Canada with Restaurant Takeover. As a new restaurant owner myself I have a whole new way of

looking at the businesses that need our help.  There is so much that goes into a successful restaurant that it’s easy to get burnt out or

drop the ball on the business side. Even though restaurant owners should be serving great-tasting food that gets people excited, they also

need to focus on the business being profitable.

Food trends are always changing and as a result, the things that people look for constantly evolve. These owners get stuck in what they

have done forever and don’t see the bigger picture. It’s hard but they usually need to swallow a lot of pride and admit when something

isn’t working. I want to help them by introducing new things, allowing them to understand what needs to change and bringing forth fresh



With Curry and Roti and Village Pizza (from episode 1), both are family run restaurants that lost sight of the profitability factor.

They both became so focused on other things – like what the customers requested and keeping ingredients simple because their menus were too

large – that they started missing what makes a restaurant successful.  If they focused on fewer menu offerings that tasted great with fresh

and current ingredients they likely wouldn’t have been in the situation they were in when we took over.


I am really grateful to be able to be a part of Restaurant Takeover and help these restaurants get back to being successful

establishments. You get to know these restaurant owners during the process and behalf of the team, I wish them success with their new