We love a dish-y story as much as the next pop culture addict, but we also like them to be true. (Or semi believable.) We’re tackling the biggest rumours that involve our much-loved Food Network Canada stars – because you really can’t believe everything you read on Twitter.

Jamie Oliver – Marriage Trouble?
According to some, Jamie Oliver’s marriage has been on the rocks since 2005. UK tabloids are reputed to be especially spotty with their gossip, but the fact that these rumours have persisted – with no proof or validation – for close to 10 years speaks volumes about how silly and salacious tabloids can be. (And Jamie is in good (bad?) company as Rachael Ray, Giada and Gordon Ramsay have had their marriages subject to unfounded accusations and gossip.)


Bobby Flay – Secret Baby Daddy?
There’s a ridiculous rumour that Bobby Flay is January Jones’s baby daddy. Nope, not true. Mad Men star Jones raised some eyebrows when, after getting into a fender bender, she opted to call Flay for help (he was somewhat puzzled, stating that he had only met her earlier that week and had no idea why she called him. Maybe it was a butt dial?) but somewhere along the way that mushroomed into the rumour that Flay fathered Jones’s son. Jones has never spoken about the identity of the father publicly, but that certainly doesn’t make it Bobby Flay. Can we put this one to rest, already?

Giada De Laurentiis – Refuses To Eat Her Own Cooking?
The New York Post’s Page Six (a column that seems to love to pick on our beloved Giada) claims that she doesn’t eat her own food, ever. We’re calling balderdash on this. Stephen Huvane, Giada’s publicist, cleared up the misconception with some logic. When filming up to three episodes a day, Giada can’t possibly eat the same dish over and over, so she discards some of it. This is a very common practice any time an actor eats on film; otherwise they would be subjected to eating dozens and dozens of bites of the same food.


Guy Fieri – No Longer Blonde?
There’s a very odd photo floating around Twitter right purporting to be Guy Fieri without his signature frosted tips and goatee. Don’t fall for it – it’s a fake! A bit of Photoshop sorcery was used to create the image (why, we’ll never know) and it’s been making the rounds as an authentic Guy makeover. Fear not, the frosted tips live on.

Image on right via Hollywood Life

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