We think Canada is an exceptionally delicious place, with our rich culinary diversity and the amazing ingredients from coast to coast. That’s why we’re going to celebrate Canada and our food – from the cooks at home keeping family traditions alive, to the makers who grow and cultivate Canada’s bounty – with The Great Canadian Cookbook!

Lynn Crawford is a judge on Chopped Canada, the hit network series airing Saturdays at 9 E/P.

Who better to tell these Canadian stories than chef Lynn Crawford (Chopped Canada, Pitchin’ In) and comedian Noah Cappe (Carnival Eats). They’re heading across Canada, into the communities and homes of Canadians, to cook and eat with the food lovers and heroes we all need to know. The food, people and stories they encounter on the road will hit the air in a must-see four-part documentary series.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg (lettuce). The Great Canadian Cookbook will have so much more for you to sink your teeth into.  It will be an online community for Canadian food lovers, home cooks – really anyone who loves to eat in Canada.  Canadians will be able to share their recipes and food traditions,  connect and make friends with Canadians who love food as much as they do. The site will also have a great collection of curated recipes, celebrity videos and a library of helpful cooking tips to make you an even better cook.

Noah Cappe visited the Calgary Stampede in the first season of Carnival Eats. 

The Great Canadian Cookbook website will launch later this year. The documentary series starring Lynn Crawford and Noah Cappe will premiere after the launch of the online community and website. Check back here for more updates on this amazing project. We can’t wait to gather around the kitchen table and swap recipes and share stories with you!