Did you all catch the season two premiere of Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off last night? In case you haven’t seen it yet, beware of spoilers below.


When the celebrities all arrived, it was time for Rachael and Guy to pick their teams. Dean McDermott was the first to be picked, and he was snatched up by Guy. (You can get to know all of the competitors here.) The teams were then told that they would be making dinner and dessert for 100 guests (including people from Entertainment Weekly) as well as putting on a little skit before dinner was served. Team Rachael went with a potluck theme, while Team Guy chose a Western theme.


Each team ran into some trouble in the kitchen. Stand-up comedian Gilbert Gottfried (Team Rachael) realized his cooking skills might not be up to par and went with peanut butter sandwiches, while Team Guy didn’t take into account dessert portions and didn’t have enough to feed 100 people. Eek! In the end, Team Guy had the stronger performance and dishes, so they walked away victorious.


The bottom two competitors from Team Rachael (Gilbert and Kathy) were then put up to a blind taste challenge to decide who stayed and who went home. Gilbert went with his peanut butter sandwiches once again, and Kathy chose her mother’s hummus recipe. In the end, it was Gilbert who got sent home, leaving Team Rachael with three members instead of four.


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