If you have yet to watch the latest episode of Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off, beware of spoilers below. If you need a refresher on the celebrity teams, check out our post here.

This week, the competition was down to 4 contestants: Dean holding down the fort on Team Guy and Kathy, Carnie and Hines on Team Rachael. The challenge required the teams to create dishes for a food truck serving 100 people. Since Team Rachael had the advantage from last week, they got to choose their truck theme first. Team Rachael went with Comfort Food, while Dean went Mexican.


Kathy created a Middle Eastern-inspired mac and cheese, Hines went with chilli cheese dogs inspired by his son, and Carnie whipped up meatballs and mashed potatoes. Dean was motivated by a video message from his wife, Tori, and went for a more ambitious recipe: triple pork tacos. With limited time and lots to do, some of the contestants ran into problems. Carnie was two meatballs short, and Dean’s intricately prepared tacos took so much time to create that 30 of his guests were unable to try his dish before time was up. Rachael vs. Guy Season 1 winner Lou Diamond Phillips was a surprise judge and held a golden ticket which represented 5 votes.


In the end, Dean came out victorious, while all three members of Team Rachael landed themselves in the bottom. This time, they would be competing against each other and two would be sent home. The cook off challenge required them to create a dish on a stick. Hines chose grilled shrimp, steak, mushrooms and tomatoes, Carnie went with grilled steak and salsa, while Kathy went the dessert route and grilled up pound cake and pineapple on a stick. Each dish had its issues, with Hines’ shrimp being undercooked, Kathy presenting too small of a dish, and Carnie preparing too much. However, Rachael and Guy chose to keep Carnie in the competition and Hines and Kathy were sent home (shocking, right?!).

That means that Dean and Carnie advanced to the finale episode. Who do you think will take the ultimate prize of $50,000 for their charity?

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