This week we have hosts Cheryl Torrenueva, renowned designer of’s Home Heist fame and Andrea Nicholson, Top Chef Canada season one competitor, live tweeting as we watch along. The ladies are planning a Twitter viewing party so there’s good time to be had all around.


It’s the first time we’ll see these two lovelies “taking over” a restaurant and I’m excited to see the results.

In the episode, they have their hands full when they are recruited to help Mick, who lost more than a job when the 6th Street Pub and Grill closed its doors. With the money he could scrape together, he reopened… but a new lease and big dreams haven’t translated into success.


Will Cheryl and Andrea help Mick turn this dive around? Tune in to find out. Don’t forget to follow along on Twitter (#RTO) for some insight into the episode from Cheryl (@Cher_Torrenueva) and Andrea (@Andrea_N).