We could (and do) spend hours and hours with our favourite Food Network Canada stars, and we keep their recipes safely tucked away in our kitchen for manic Mondays and fancy dinner parties. But sometimes, we want to get up close and personal with them and experience their passion and brilliance firsthand. We’ve tracked down restaurants all across Canada that feature the signature stamp of our favourite chefs.


Sure she may have made her name as a fancy pants Executive Chef for the Four Seasons in Toronto and New York, but her Toronto restaurant, Ruby Watchco, has all the warmth and authenticity you’d expect from Lynn. The prix fixe menu changes daily and is posted online in the morning. While not having any say over our supper would usually make us nervous, we know with Lynn we’re in great hands.


Jamie Oliver is coming to Toronto (and not just in his adorable Sobey’s commercials). Jamie’s Italian is in full swing, with an expected 2015 opening. We can expect the naked chef’s enthusiasm for la bella vita to be injected into every dish. In the words of Mr. Oliver, “Gorgeous.”


Bob Blumer may traverse the globe looking for the wackiest meals on World’s Weirdest Restaurants, but there’s nothing strange about his love for premium liquor. Bob is a partner in Victoria Spirits, a small-batch gin distillery (the first of its kind in Canada) that has earned rave reviews for its old-fashion take on the ever-popular juniper spirit.


Chuck Hughes is a culinary rock star, with two highly regarded Montreal restuarants; the beloved Garde Manger (as relevant and popular as ever) and the newer La Bremner. Born, bred and trained in Montreal, he is able to apply his food philosophy – fresh, local and sophisticated fare – with authenticity.

She’ll be with us in spirit…
Giada’s restaurant empire may be in its infancy (with her first outpost in Las Vegas having recently opened), but we’ll still take her word on where to eat. She named Vij’s in Vancouver her favourite Indian restaurant in the entire world. That’s high praise – and Vij’s reputation (and lineups) have certainly held strong over the years.


And one for the history books…
Gordon Ramsay’s foray into Canadian dining turned into a bit of a kitchen nightmare, ending in lawsuits and having his name removed from Laurier Gordon Ramsay. The restaurant severed ties with Gordon after he failed to put in any face time at the Montreal BBQ joint. Ah well, he still has the Beckhams.

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