The party continues! For  Global TV’s star-packed premiere week, Food Network Canada celebrates the marriage between food and TV watching with its kick-ass guide to themed menu pairings with powerhouse series Hawaii Five-O.


The Ultimate Hawaii Five-O Viewing Menu (written by Anne Vranic)

Whether you tune-in for the bikini-clad babes, bare-chested bros, ballin’ beaches, badass-ery, bromances or blood-pumping action, Hawaii Five-O is your jam and we don’t blame you – it’s totally awesome, brah. In celebration of the return of one of TV’s sexiest series, prepare a menu that will distract your friends from Alex O’Loughlin’s abs…smile…tan…laugh…tattoos… or at least get them drunk enough to think he’s within reach (aloha!)

To get into the island spirit, serve your guests (and yourself) a vodka-laden pineapple coconut flavoured Hawaiian cocktails followed by shrimp and scallop coconut ceviche.


Pre-viewing Cocktail and App:

The big kehuna is a shrimp tasting platter that will bring guests to their knees. Inspired by Big T’s (i.e. Kamekoma) recently opened shrimp truck, put your hands up for an assortment of glazes from orange-pineapple to sweet and sour. Much like the fiery procedural, guests will be on the edge of their seats awaiting the next dish.


Main Course:

Go cuckoo for cocopuffs with Chin Ho Kelly’s favourite dessert – a chocolate cream puff that put Liliha’s Bakery on the map. Crank the heat up, don your lei from five Halloweens ago and feel inferior as Grace Park’s six pack inevitably appears on screen… it’s Hawaii Five-O time baby!

Hawaii Five-O Season 5 premieres Friday, September 26 – 9PM ET/PT on Global.