Continuing Global TV’s star-packed premiere week, Food Network Canada celebrates the marriage between food and TV watching with its kick-ass guide to themed menu pairings. Tonight it’s Sleepy Hollow followed by The Blacklist


The Ultimate Sleepy Hollow Viewing Menu (written by Kaitlyn Ward):

Wake up Sleepyheads! It’s time for fan-favourite Sleepy Hollow to be resurrected, saving you from TV purgatory. Put on your roomiest britches and get ready to throw the viewing party of the century.

Prepare to be transported to the colonial days with a “stone fence”. You will be bound to this cocktail featuring spiced rum and apple cider, casting a spell on your taste buds. Garnish with a lemon twist and you will have all of the Four Horseman ready to party!

You are sure to lose your head over this colonial beef stew that will satisfy your inner Crane but appeal to your modern Mills. Don’t forget to leave some room because you would be as crazy as Jenny if you skipped dessert.

Unleash your devilish side with sin-eater cinnamon beignets! Dip these supernaturally-sweet morsels in a cream cheese frosting to tide you over for another 230 years (or at least until next week’s episode) and set Twitter on fire with your fabulous food pics that may even get Captain Irving’s attention (#yum).

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 returns to Global on September 22 – 9 pm ET/PT


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The Ultimate Blacklist Viewing Menu (written by Anne Vranic):

You’ve spent the summer perfecting your evil (yet irresistible) laugh, purchasing the perfect fedora and tinted shades, and conjuring up theories about who the hell Red is and whether or not Tom is alive – yes, you are in The Blacklist withdrawal club.

To celebrate one of the most highly anticipated series returns, it’s time to recruit a culinary task force and make a meal that would land on the most wanted list (or at the very least blow up your instagram).

So, let’s kick things off “Berlin” style with bratwurst and German potato salad. To ensure maximum criminal-fighting stamina – and brain power for Red’s mindgames – serve your guests an extra protein punch in the form of sausage stuffed mushroom caps.

Now would be a good time to take a break to sip a full-bodied merlot and loosen those Italian wool pants in preparation for the main dish: a mean beef stroganoff (fans will recall that Red had to raincheck after shooting the cook’s husband – surprise, surprise.)

You’re probably feeling like Lizzie post-break up but it can’t be as bad as getting a pen in your neck so pony up: it’s time to cap off your meal with a crime brule, Lizzie’s favourite dessert.

The Blacklist returns to Global on September 22 – 10pm ET/PT.


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