As the holiday crunch approaches, we turn to our favourite Food Network Canada stars for comforting recipes and a slew of festive specials. After all, not even professional curmudgeon Gordon Ramsay can resist a bit of Christmas cheer.

Jolly Jamie’s country home in Essex (complete with a pond and pink farmhouse) is a perfect escape during the harried holiday season (and in general, Jamie’s jam-packed schedule). While he works in London, Jamie, along with his four children (Poppy, Daisy, Petal and Buddy) and wife Jools, carve out a hefty chunk of family time around the table at this idyllic retreat.


How does a Contessa spend Christmas? Well if you’re Ina Garten, in a luxurious “barn”—her affectionate term for her simple yet luxurious Hamptons abode. The woman, who basically invented shabby-chic, adds her signature touch of decadence to her holiday recipes, like late-night Bacon Sandwiches and deceptively easy parmesan crisps.

via The New York Times

Gordon Ramsay has two options for the holidays—sunshine in Beverly Hills or a traditional season in London. One of our favourite holiday cooking specials features Gord with his children: Tilly, Jack, Holly, Megan and his Tana. It’s a candid look at his home and how he likes to prep food for—and with—his family. It’s nice to see Ramsay let go of his rigid perfectionism and be a home cook for a day. But no shouting? That’s not exactly like Christmas.


Did you know Giada is a California girl? Well, Beverly Hills by way of Rome. Giada now calls a Spanish-style Pacific Palisades bungalow, home (you can see photos of her expansive kitchen in this 2008 Architectural Digest spread). With her fashion designer husband Todd and daughter Jade, Laurentiis will celebrate her Italian heritage with a nod to the traditional Feast of the Seven Seas (Fish Minestrone, Oysters Rockefeller and Tangerine and Herb Branzino—how do we get an invite?) as well as red, white and green Holiday Biscotti (because even Santa gets tired of shortbread).

via Giada De Laurentiis’ Instagram

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