I am participating
in the Cook for Cure Culinary Showdown because I recently met a young lady, named
Sara Mody, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age. What is
interesting about her story is that she turned down chemotherapy treatment and
made the decision to fight her cancer with the healing powers of food. She has used the art of
“Auyurveda”, which is eating healthy and using spices like turmeric,
ginger, garlic, cumin and cloves. These amazing spices are a huge part of my
style of cooking and my heritage.

Sara has been
fighting her cancer with food, mediation, yoga, laughter and positive thinking.
She will be reaching her five year cancer-free mark in February 2014. At
present, she is feeling alive, strong, proud and
grateful. Cancer has become a positive part of her life, because it has taught
her about herself and how to live; the attributes that are
necessary in life to keep strong and remain focused. The experience has become
a vital part of what makes Sara, SARA!


Sara is a huge fan of Indian cooking, being half Indian herself. It will be a
dream come true for us to cook together and showcase our cuisine and
culture on December 7th in Toronto for the Cook for the Cure event. It will be especially meaningful for Sara to be a part of
this event as a survivor who has used food as her medicine and has joie de vivre attitude in life.

To cook along with us in the battle to end breast cancer, host a fundraising dinner party and serve my Marinated Lamb Popsicles with Fenugreek Cream Curry recipe!