Carlos Campo has the job that any foodie would dream about. He is a Food Scientist, officially, and has the unofficial title of Froyo® Mixologist at Yogen Früz, the pioneering company that brought frozen yogurt to the main stage.

National Ice Cream Day was yesterday, so no wonder we’ve got frozen treats on the brain. Love for ice cream runs deep, but people can’t help but love frozen yogurt for its perks. It’s an (almost) guilt-free treat, a natural source of protein, calcium, and probiotics, which help support a healthy digestive system and immunity.

Beyond its health benefits, the endless toppings for frozen yogurt have made it soar in popularity. Carlos is the expert when it comes to dreamy combinations that’ll make your taste buds sing. His job is to make froyo® lovers happy when they walk into a Yogen Früz store. One of the vital elements for a tasty frozen creation, you ask? A fully-loaded toppings bar.

We love this as a summer entertaining idea: recreate your own at-home froyo® bar. Carlos’ tip: be sure to have plenty of toppings, and create a fun menu of your favourite combinations to inspire guests to make their own tasty customized treats!

To simplify this idea for your next last-minute backyard barbecue, Yogen Früz offers frozen yogurt and toppings tügo.

Mix and match these flavours and toppings to make a frozen yogurt combination that tastes just like your favourite dessert!

Cheesecake bites + strawberry frozen yogurt + white chocolate chips = Strawberry Cheesecake


Cinnamon toast crunch + blueberry frozen yogurt + blueberries = Blueberry Cinnamon Roll


Peanut butter chips + Raspberry frozen yogurt + chopped peanuts = PB & J Sandwich

pbj sandwich

Cinnamon streusel + peach frozen yogurt + honey almond crunch granola = Peach Cobbler