Iced tea is one of the most popular beverages enjoyed during the warm, sun-filled season. Loose-leaf iced tea blends hydrate, provide great anti-oxidant benefits and taste great! With fun and fruity loose-leaf tea blends, teas can be steeped and chilled to create unexpected flavour combinations that will transform traditional iced teas into out-of-this-world summer refreshers. Adding your favourite wine or spirit into the mix is also a great way to enjoy a cocktail on the patio, or to wow guests at your next backyard BBQ.

Creating the perfect iced tea or iced tea cocktail begins with finding the right loose-leaf tea. In fact, many teas are actually meant to be enjoyed over ice as opposed to the traditional hot tea. DAVIDsTEA has a line of summer-friendly products that will have you creating your own iced tea beverages and cocktails all summer long! With the addition of other ingredients like agave and cordials to enhance the sweetness and flavour of your tea, added sugar is not necessary. Celebrate National Iced Tea day the right way with these recipes from DAVIDsTEA!


Mint teas:
Minty teas are a great idea for cocktails and non-alcoholic iced teas, as they pack the perfect amount of freshness for the season. Mixed with the right fruits, there is simply nothing more refreshing than this mouth-watering combination! This Moroccan Mint Iced Tea with iced green tea and cool mint is a great picnic, pool-side or lake-side favourite. A touch of agave added to the Korean Sejak tea adds the perfect sweetness.


Nothing says summer like watermelon, and this Watermelon Mint tea definitely offers the best of both worlds. Blending your iced tea ingredients is a unique and creative way to enjoy cold tea. Real chunks of fresh fruit also add flavour and texture to your drink. This Agua Frescarita recipe incorporating tequila and fresh mint is a great way to get the party started.


Fruit blends:
Summer is a chance to enjoy exotic fruits that you don’t get a chance to enjoy throughout the rest of the year. With Shooting Star Fruit tea, your iced tea is transported to a tropical island with star fruit, papaya, mango and jackfruit. This recipe combines tea, white wine, gin and citrus for an iced tea beverage that will have you feeling like you’re on vacation. Try a drop of Elderflower Cordial to make this drink a true summer experience!


Straying away from tradition is fun, but sometimes you have to stick with the classics. Nothing says classic cocktail like a Long Island iced tea. This DAVIDsTEA twist on the classic beverage is pure, lemon perfection with the help of La La Lemon tea.