The colour black is synonymous with power, authority, glam and elegance—at least in the world of fashion and decor. Now the ominous hue is popping up in a variety of foods, from cheese to chicken. Black-coloured food may not be for everyone and may need some getting used to. To ease into this emerging trend, here’s a list of foods to try from favourable to questionable. Warning: You may want to check your teeth in the mirror after!

1. Black Pasta

A delicious alternative to everyday pasta, restaurant chefs are using squid or cuttlefish ink pasta to offer a more visually enticing dish. The flavour is subtle (most people don’t notice a difference) except with a more pronounced saltiness. Squeamish of cephalopods? Pick up a pack of fibre-rich, black bean pasta to try at home instead.


Try Christine Cushing’s squid ink pasta recipe here.


2. Black Ice Cream

I have never met an ice cream I didn’t like. Black sesame ice cream is a favourite among many with its savoury and sweet nutty flavours, while black licorice ice cream excites the palate and makes for a refreshing and interesting dessert.



3. Black Garlic

Renowned chef Mark McEwan brought this unconventional garlic to popularity in his grocery store McEwan five years ago—but the ingredient has been a longtime staple in Korean dishes for its health benefits. White garlic goes through a heating and drying process, slowly caramelizing to create this flavourful variation. Try with stir fries or on buttered bread.




4. Black Chicken

There are several breeds of chicken that are black, but the one that is making headlines as of late is the Indonesian breed, Ayam Cemani, that costs a whopping $2,500 US. The rare bird is entirely black, everything from the feathers to the bones. Though we can’t say whether this poultry tastes better than its cousins, we’re tempted to try. (Anyone have $2,500 to spare?)


Greenfire Farms

5. Black Burgers

The announcement of Burger King’s Black Burger in Japan last month was met with mixed reviews. It features a black bun and black cheese. A fun idea perhaps, but a kitschy burger that lacks consumer appeal nonetheless.


Burger King Japan