Going out for brunch can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, but deciding how you like your eggs is about as big a step into adulthood as figuring out how you take your coffee. It’s important stuff, people. To make it a bit easier, we’ve broken down what your favourite way to eat eggs says about you.

scrambled eggs


You’re laid-back, fun and timeless. You know when to let loose and when to buckle down and get to work, so it’s impossible not to like you.

Try this recipe: French-Style Scrambled Eggs Recipe

sunny side up omelet

Sunny-Side Up

Your emotional nature is loved (and feared) by many, and you’re as impulsive as you are temperamental, but that’s what makes you so memorable.

Try this recipe:  Sunny-Side Up Omelet Recipe

easy egg sandwich

Egg Sandwich

You’re hard-working, organized and thorough. Your determination is admired by many, as is your bold, confident attitude.

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Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Everyone envies your indulgent, passionate approach to life. You’re generous and loved by many, making you quite the social butterfly.

Try this recipe: Eggs Benedict with Peameal Bacon on Scallion Waffles and Tomato Cream

soft hard boiled eggs

Boiled (Soft or Hard)

Constantly on the go, people describe you as a workaholic, and you have no problem with that. Who has time to sit down for a meal?

Try this recipe: Soft Hard-Boiled Eggs Recipe

Souffleed Spinach Omelette


You’re detail-oriented and appreciate the finer things in life. You like to explore new things and have a ton of hobbies, making you a great conversationalist.

Try this recipe: Soufled Spinach Omelette Recipe

If none of those are really you, we’ll just leave you with this instead.