appetizer recipes

They say you are what you eat, and that got us thinking about what our favourite party finger foods reveal about us. Check out what your party personality is, according to what you’re nibbling on.

Stuffed Mushroom Caps: You should be somewhere classier than the party you’re at. It doesn’t even matter if the one you’re attending is a black-tie gala, you should be somewhere bigger and better. You’re one to reach for the stars and if that means finding yourself at a certain celebrity’s gleaming white-attire-only party in The Hamptons, so be it.

Cheese Fondue: You smooth devil, you. We all know why you’re here. *wink*

Spring Rolls: First of all, you’re probably starving and want to be at an actual restaurant, but instead you’re stuck at an awkward, stuffy party. We can’t blame you for sticking to the snack table, but maybe eventually you can venture out and mingle? Maybe? No? Alright then.

Spinach Dip: You’re just an all-around cool person to be around. You’re genuinely interesting and kind, and people just love being around you. While you may not be the wildest of the bunch, everyone likes that  you’re tame because you keep them all in check. Thanks for having everyone’s back.

Crab Cakes: You’re a blast to have at a party, and that’s why you constantly have
invites pouring in. Your carefree attitude is infectious and inspiring!
Some would say that you’re the life of the party, but we know that’s not
true; you ARE the party.

Deviled Eggs: Trying to flirt with the cutie across the room? Not with deviled eggs, you’re not. You’re not here to mingle and socialize; you’re here to get the party started and dance away the stress of your workweek. Be safe!