dip recipes

Over here at Food Network Canada, we’re firm believers that a party without an assortment of dips, is simply not a party worth attending. If you’ve found your way to the miraculous dip table and are scanning your options, the one(s) you choose may be saying something about your party personality.


Hummus: Over the past couple of years, this Middle Eastern staple appetizer has really exploded in popularity. What does this mean for you if this chickpea dip is your top choice? It means that you’re delightfully trendy and chic, of course. Now fix your in-season accessories and head back onto the dance floor.

Guacamole: You’re sensible, reliable and fiercely loyal. Your friends can always count on you for everything from a ride to the airport to a ride home from the police station. Let your hair down and have some fun! Guacamole is a great start.

Salsa: Oh, good; you’re here! Now the party can get started! From mild to super-spicy, you like to keep people guessing. Hanging out with you is always a wild ride, and your friends wouldn’t have it any other way!

Spinach Dip: This hearty dip is as classic as you are. You have an affinity for all things traditional and comforting, because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Your ideal night is a quiet night in with a movie and close friends.

Crab Dip: You better hope everyone at that party is ready to get as wild and crazy as you are, because that’s just your thing. You love hopping from bar to bar in search of a good time, and who can blame you? You’re a hard-working perfectionist during the week and deserve to have some fun!