Sitting around wondering what to make for dinner is so 2013. This year, let the stars be your guide in the kitchen. They say you can tell so much about a person based on what their zodiac sign is, and we want you to extend that belief into your cooking endeavours. This week, we’re exploring which pasta recipes suit each zodiac sign.

aries pasta

Aries: You like your pasta hearty and spicy. Big pasta shells loaded with meat and cheese are right up your alley. Go big or go home, right?
Recipe: Italiano Sausage-Stuffed Shells

taurus pasta
Taurus: Like the earth sign that you are, you go for foods that are filling, practical and safe, so it’s no surprise that you’re likely to go for gnocchi.
Recipe: Annie’s Meat Sauce and Gnocchi
gemini pasta
Gemini: Your sign is represented by the twins, and your sneaky dual-personality is as intriguing as it is dangerous. Just like you, orzo keeps others on their toes. Is it rice or pasta? No one knows.
Recipe: Lemon Orzo with Baby Spinach and Feta
cancer pasta
Cancer: More than any other sign, you are a sensitive homebody who doesn’t do well with change or surprises. There’s nothing you love more than cozying up to some familiar comfort food.
Recipe: Weeknight Spaghetti and Meatballs
leo pasta
Leo: You’re bold and adventurous, and you want everyone to know. You scoff at flimsy pastas that can be twirled around a fork. You prefer something as strong as you are, both in taste and in texture.
Recipe: Penne Rigate Sauteed with Rapini and Merguez Sausage
virgo pasta
Virgo: Ah, the perfectionist of the group. You’re made up of several layers, but you rarely let anyone in to see that. Your favourite pasta is something of a work of art (at least when you’re in charge of cooking). Oh, and of course your noodle is made from scratch.
Recipe: Vegetable Lasagna with Homemade Pasta and Jalapeno Bechamel
libra pasta
Libra: You delicate little flower, you. As the charmer of the zodiac, you’re so sweet and lovely that it’s nearly impossible for anyone to dislike you. You can sometimes get overshadowed due to your polite and introverted nature, but don’t worry, everyone knows they can rely on you.
Recipe: Pistachio Pesto with Angel Hair Pasta
scorpio pasta
Scorpio: As you undoubtedly already know, everyone is intimidated by you, and that’s the way you like it. You like to be in charge and are overcome with jealousy when anyone else is in the spotlight. You know how to get what you want, so your preferred pasta is packed with the ultimate aphrodisiac – oysters.
Recipe: King Oyster Fettuccine
sagittarius pasta
Sagittarius: You laugh at the idea of sitting down for a quiet meal. You’re always on the run, so you need something quick and portable. Since you’re the traveler of the zodiac, you also try to incorporate different international flavours into every meal. Just the thought of a classic dish makes you keel over with boredom.
Recipe: Creamy Mediterranean Pasta Salad
capricorn pasta
Capricorn: Unlike the adventurous Sagittarius, you cherish meals that are classic and reliable. There’s nothing you hate more than trial and error, from the office to the kitchen, so a tried-and-true recipe is just the thing for you. And make it quick. You’ve got a meeting to run to in 5.
Recipe: Quick Mac n’ Cheese
aquarius pasta
Aquarius: You walk through life with an art palette in one hand and a poetry book in the other. You view the world in an off-kilter way, and that goes for your meal-planning as well. Naturally, your favourite pasta is rotini. The word even means “twist” in Italian. What’s not to love?
Recipe: Rotini with Red Clam Sauce
pisces pasta
Pisces: Your emotions are always at the top of your mind, because you experience them more intensely than most. You’re fragile and oh-so-sensitive, and that’s what people love about you. It’s no surprise, then, that your favourite pasta is bow-tie (otherwise known as farfalle, which means ‘butterflies’ in Italian).
Recipe: Bow-Tie Pasta with Roast Red Pepper Sauce and Baby Spinach