personality tea

On days as cold as today, there’s nothing better than grabbing yourself a steaming hot mug (or seven) of tea. We’ve partnered with Canadian tea-maker DAVIDsTEA, to help you find your perfect mug-mate! Even if you think you’re strictly a coffee person, we know you’ll find a blend to match your personalitea. Find the one that suits you and get sippin’!

Want a little extra bounce in your step? You can even turn your tea into a cocktail, like this Mulled Tonic Recipe and White Chocolate Russian Recipe.

1. Fun and FlirTEA: Feeling flirtatious and ready for a good time? Swipe on your favourite red lipstick and put on a pot of this Sweet Strawberry White Tea.

2. SweetTEA: If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out this Bollywood Chai Tea, filled with candy-coated fennel seeds, cinnamon, vanilla and pink peppercorns.

3. Ms. SimpliciTEA: When you want a classic tea that is tried and tested, there’s no better option than a Peppermint Amour Herbal Tea.

4. Life of the ParTEA: Not letting the cold weather get you down? Put on your dancing shoes with this Birthday Cake Rooibos Tea, chock-full of freeze-dried ice cream bits and sprinkles.

5. SmarTEA Pants: Get out your reading glasses and cozy up to a good book with this Midsummer Night’s Dream Herbal Tea.

6. Mr. CreativiTEA: Get your creative juices flowing with this Happy Kombucha Herbal Tea, with roots stemming in the 1960s. Groovy, huh?

7. The SofTEA: Feeling the love? If romance is in the air for you, snuggle up to your sweetie and share a pot of this fruity Main Squeeze Yerba Mate Tea.

8. NutTEA: If you need to let loose a go a little crazy, start with this Forever Nuts Tea and, well, go nuts.